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Tax Audits and Tax Appeals


We have represented thousands of taxpayers before state and local tax auditors. We quickly and cost effectively decrease assessments with our thorough knowledge of state tax laws, years of experience with the state's unwritten procedures, and reputation with tax administrators.  While trying to resolve issues at the lowest level possible with the auditors, we also have successfully represented taxpayers before both of Washington's state tax agencies, the appeals division of the Department of Revenue and the independent Washington State Board of Tax Appeals.

Washington Tax Reviews

Tax compliance and reporting utilizes valuable internal resources.  And, because tax laws and enforcement policies change constantly, how a return was filed one month may not be right the next month, quarter, or year. Using the same approach as government tax auditors and working from source records, we quickly verify the accuracy of returns for both over and under-reporting and provide templates, training, and planning opportunities that will make tax reporting quicker, more accurate, and with lower tax liabilities. Our recommendations for any reporting or reporting changes are tempered by the judgment and pragmatism that comes with over 30 years of experience and working with thousands of taxpayers.

Multistate  Tax Reviews

​There are over 100,000 state and local jurisdictions in the US all with taxing power.  With our deep understanding and experience with the rules and new developments for nexus and sourcing throughout the country, we can quickly identify states in which your organization is at-risk and propose practical and cost efficient defensive strategies for income, gross receipt, and sales tax purposes. And, for states in which filing is required for prior years, we can eliminate all penalties for prior periods and reduce back years for which taxes may be due.

Tax Refunds

Many Washington businesses overpay their Washington State and local taxes due to lack of knowledge about the tax system or because of missed favorable law changes. We have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars of overpaid taxes for clients ranging in size from small startup businesses to publicly traded Fortune 500 corporations. Refunds are available for up to four prior calendar years, plus interest.

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